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Around 50 experts in the use of genomic data for health care and development purposes collaborate in NAGEN 1000 to bring the goals of the project to fruition


The Business Consortium

Around 50 experts in the use of genomic data for health care and development purposes collaborate in NAGEN 1000 to bring the goals of the project to fruition. Dr Ángel Alonso, a medical specialist from the Medical Genetics Service at the Hospital Complex of Navarra (CHN) and a renowned researcher at Navarrabiomed, leads this team. In addition, scientific and technical knowledge and infrastructures will be shared as part of the framework of the consortium.

Likewise, the business consortium has the support and collaboration of other associated institutions and infrastructures in Spain and abroad, such as the Spanish Genomic Analysis Centre (CNAG-CRG) and the Clinical Bioinformatics Research Department of the Andalusian Regional Government’s Progreso y Salud Foundation (CBRA-FPS). These entities will facilitate and oversee the execution of research and the transfer of technology to the consortium under the guidelines set by the project’s Scientific Steering Committee, which is made up of authoritative national and international experts in the application of genomics to medicine.



Navarrabiomed is the biomedical research centre of the Regional Government of Navarre that fosters and facilitates research by the health care professionals of the SNS-O. Navarrabiomed has worked with the doctors at the CHN to create the Genomic Medicine Unit, which is an essential multidisciplinary tool that brings together all necessary clinical know-how for genomic analysis under the same roof and which in turn is the main recipient of new knowledge in this new medical field. Navarrabiomed will also set up a new Bioinformatics Unit, which will not only gradually take on the bioinformatic analysis of the sequenced genomes of the project’s patients but will also be in charge of meeting the highly foreseeable future needs in this new field in the health care and research spheres.

Project partners

The Hospita Complex of Navarra (CHN)

This complex is the public medical centre of reference in the Community of Navarra. It has 60 clinical services, among which those where the specialists of reference in Specialised Medical Care of the Community work; 7 accredited diagnostic laboratories, including the Genetics Service Laboratory, which to this date has conducted 75,000+ health care-related genetic diagnostic tests; and the Organisation and Systems Department, which coordinates the electronic management of patients’ health data via the Computerised Clinical History (HCI). The CHN will provide the project with all necessary patients for the study, as well as their clinical data, the electronic history tools via the HCI, its specialists’ expertise in the diagnosis of diseases and the interpretation of genetic variants for medical use, and all necessary genetics lab facilities for variant validation, train its medical practitioners in genomic medicine, and make medical use of the genomic results for health care purposes.


Nasertic is a company from the Corporación Pública Empresarial Navarra Group, which is owned by the Government of Navarre, and is at the service of the Public Administrations and of the Bodies, Companies and Entities that are answerable to the former. Nasertic has a team of more than 100 professionals whose level of specialisation and versatility allows them to tackle all kinds of scientific and technology projects. The company has data centres for storing and distributing all the information that is processed by the Government of Navarre’s IT systems – computerised clinical histories among them – with the highest level of innovation and security. Another one of its lines of business is the Laboratory Area specialising in forensic genetics, which is closely related to the field in which this project takes place. Based on these characteristics, Nasertic’s participation in NAGEN 1000 is necessarily horizontal, since it is involved in very different processes and tasks of the project, but particularly in service valuation, which is essential for coming up with a strategy for the industrial development of this sector. Furthermore, Nasertic brings to the table the data processing infrastructure and data storage technology that are needed for the project, which are closely linked to the Bioinformatics Unit, which is the main recipient of the technological transfer of the associated infrastructures.


Avantia is part of the Pyramide Asesores Group, whose parent group was founded in 1982, and consists of 30+ professionals that provide employment, tax, accounting and legal consultancy services to give comprehensive support that is tailored to meet each of its customer’s needs. In 1996 Pyramide Asesores became one of the first consultancy firms in Navarra to provide support services in the adoption of data protection standards, to which end it created a specific department within its Legal Department. The end result is Avantia, which to this date has conducted 3,500+ data protection audits for all sorts of entities. Avantia also provides the Group with consultancy services in the fields of strategic thinking, business model analysis, internationalisation, quality, the environmental, ESM, data protection and LSSI. Thanks to its profile, Avantia’s team is an essential part of NAGEN 1000 and guarantees strict compliance with current legal regulations in all project processes and helps to devise development and marketing strategies within the margins of the changes that expected to take place in this sector’s law in the coming years.